Ever frightened by digital ?


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Ever frightened by digital ?

We haven’t yet realised how big the share of digital offer already is in our everyday life.

Funny though how quickly every new application becomes addictive. Not only with our favourite social network, but also with our new banking or car leasing service. Designed in a few months with the help of agile approach, these new platforms provide us with a new user experience. An experience more pleasant, more efficient, and faster than we had hoped for. These digital services may be so successful, and so quickly successful, that in a few months (but more probably a few years is more exact) a very small company can be a billion asset one, provided that it has been identified by a GAFA. But we can be frightened by the fact that this comes at a cost: a lot of jobs will go down the drain in the process…

Designing in a few weeks these new services may replace many existing jobs for several decades. Here is another example of innovation in car manufacturing: IT announces the destruction of many taxi and lorry drivers’ jobs with the upcoming era of self-driving cars and trucks (Uber being probably just a transition step before AI takes over). We are probably at the onset of a new tech revolution. As in the next case, this evolution will cause a lot of damages but at the same time will provide us with new solutions empowering our development. We can’t stop it! Not only because we have never been able to stop progress, but also because these evolutions bring us solutions that the old economy and old organisations have never managed to solve.

Besides, we can’t stop the development of these new offers which are more efficient and user friendly. Our smartphones give us access to new services as funny as gaming. The best ones are addictive within a few minutes. And as I have said before, we can’t stop digital evolution of our society. In fact, digital is a new tool to work with, to make business, to find new clients.

Now, I let me tell you about my new English On line teacher. She (the name of her Company is o’bEiNGLISH) proposes a comprehensive and very interestingteachingapproach using the digitaltools most of us already use. The rules are very simple: you need to work 15 minutes only every day, not because you must do it but because you feel like doing it it. And in fact, as the method is very addictive you work more (often more than 45 minutes for me). The second commitment is to have fun. Fun by watching TV Series (in English of course and with English subtitles), by reading a novel or a magazine, speaking and writing by mail about nothing and everything that you are interested in, and last time I told her all about the equipment of my new motorbike for example. Each Face to Face session is done once a week via Skype, and 2 or 3 times a week I write her e-mails in English to tell her what’s going on in the last episode of Narcos, and I do my grammar exercises depending on the mistakes I made while practising…

It’s more than a digital approach, it’s a multimedia pedagogy. A nice blending of tradition and Digital. Her work experience (see attached resume) has allowed Anne-Charlotte (that is her first name) to promote in her student’s daily lives a dose of English Language. With this idea Anne-Charlotte has set up o’bEiNGLISH. More than creating yet another English training Company, she has got more fun at work than she ever had. So take a fresh start now: make it finally easy for you to learn and speakEnglish with her and contact her.

Besides, stop being frightened by digital. Remember: this isn’t e-learning. And believe me, if it works for me, it’ll work for you !

Many thanks to o’bEiNGLISH for it’s careful and kind proofreading.

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